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Tamar Cars is a professional business specialising in all types of car detailing services. Choosing Tamar Cars is making a trusted and reliable decision towards making your car stay in excellent condition and looking like new the entire time.  With the range of services we offer, you can be sure your car is in the hands of truly skilled professionals that will use second to none products and techniques to ensure it is protected from future harm, helping it retain more sale value and making sure you’re happy with your its performance on a daily basis no matter how long it’s been since you purchased it.

We offer top quality paint protection to ensure your car looks great every time you wash it. We first wash the car and dry it well to remove all dirt and grime and then we apply the most effective clay bar to remove contaminants that can affect the protection; we then polish the car to remove all fine scratches and marks that can be sealed by waxing. With our delicate yet effective interior detailing procedure, we will clean all carpets, leather or material seating surfaces, vinyl, plastic and more. The conditioning process is not limited to the passenger area only, making sure your whole car is left impeccable.

Regarding the services we offer for car detailing to the wheels and chassis, these are cleaned thoroughly including all the area around suspensions. We also wash the tyres and coat them with shine and protectant to prevent cracking and corrosion which are common issues when interior detailing is not efficient enough. The engine bay is also very important and here at Tamar Cars. We clean it with degreaser and rinse and then proceed to dress all rubber, silicone and plastic parts to prevent them from cracking.

Tamar Cars is a business completely dedicated to providing professional car detailing services. Contact us today so you can schedule your visit!